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Welcome to RK Consulting, LTD Tips & Tricks, this space is dedicated to giving information about Technology to our readers. Enjoy the following links and content! The majority of our content is derived from industry articles. Hot Keys have been around for some time and you may be aware of some of the more common ones. Have you tried using the Windows Key? Here are a few Tricks for you! Here are some of the favorites. There are 30 altogether.

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Show the Desktop. Press again to bring back your open windows
Peek the desktop—releasing brings back all your displaying windows.
Minimize all windows.
Opens the window of the corresponding-numbered Taskbar button, starting from the left as 1, next 2, and so on.
Open Computer window to show drives and their used space and devices in Explorer.
Minimize all but the active window.
Maximize window—this is probably just as easy to do with Aero by dragging the window header to the top of the screen or just double-clicking it.
Stretch the window to the top and bottom of the screen.
Move a window from one monitor to another—this one is a little complicated, but if you use multiple monitors, it pays off.
Lock the system—i.e., log out and require a log-in to use the system.
Show display and projector options.
Open Windows Mobility Center—You may not even know there's such a thing as the Mobility Center, but it gives easy access to things like screen brightness and volume. It also lets presenters turn on an external display.

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In the Test Lab: Windows 10

Windows 10 is coming and it’s coming soon. As part of the Microsoft Insider program, the team at RK has been hard at work testing the beta versions of Windows 10 and its compatibility with software our customers need most. Here’s some of the features you can expect with the new operating system

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New Windows Interface.

After the unpopular Windows 8 interface, Microsoft has crafted a start menu that is more accessible and usable than before.

Microsoft Edge Browser

Microsoft created Edge to catch up with Chrome and Firefox. Microsoft has built its new browser from the ground up to be more responsive and secure.

Multiple Virtual Desktops Function

Microsoft created multiple virtual desktops for power users. This will be helpful for those that have many windows open, work on multiple different projects at once, or want to share their screen with only relevant files visible.

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